You have probably been looking around like we were some time ago for someone who could offer a bike rack like the ones you see following the peleton in races like the Tour de France. Their manufacturers are few and far between and very difficult to track down, so here at Cyclewales we decided that we have the engineering knowledge, facilities and equipment to design and build our own.


We now offer this service of a bespoke built rack that can take from 3 bikes to 8 bikes plus spare wheels, with up to 4 complete bikes being on the outer side of the racks for a quick swap over during a race. Wheather you are looking for one to fit a specific car or an universal one that can be moved onto various cars we can design and build it for you.


The steelwork is made from oval mild steel tubing and powder coated to a colour of your request for a long lasting protective finish.

Stand out from the crowd in races with a pro bike rack for your team or club.


Call or email us to discuss your requirements and we will work out a quote for you.

Happy Cycling