How often do you say or hear someone else say that they are not comfortable on their bike? Always adjusting saddle height, stem length, handlebar height? Suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, pins and needles?

It all usually points to incorrect bike size and fit. So often we see people riding a bike too small or too large for them. because the shop told them that was the correct size!!!

Using the proven BIKEFITKIT system we are able to measure you up and then find a bike size to suit you, and then correctly adjust that bike to give you the most comfortable and best performance fit.

Is it expensive I hear you say??

That depends on what you call expensive – an incorrectly fitting bike is expensive, however getting correctly fitted and set up is not. We offer two packages.

1. Body measurement and frame size identification £45

2. Bike setup (following on from above) £35

Foot Measurement

Inseam Measurement

Thigh Length Measurement

Arm Measurement

Shoulder Width