1 Day Course.

This day is aimed at offering those people with none or very little
knowledge of cycle maintenance a “First Aid” knowledge to keep your bike roadworthy and in a usable condition and as trouble free as possible. The course covers areas such as

  • Basic safety checks
  • Tyre and tube change including identifying correct tyre and tube size
  • Brake adjustments
  • Gear adjustment
  • Chain replacement
  • Rider positioning

3 Day Course.

This course offers a half way house between the basic one day course and 5 day standard course. In the three days you will completely srip down your bike, learn about each component, how they operate, what they do, common faults and how to rectify them. You will then re build our bike, setting all components correctly and finally road test your bike.

 5 Day Course.

This is the first week of the Standard 10 day course, but designed along the lines of your personal requirements. If it is your wish to take the C & G certificate at a later date, we will ‘fit you in’ this first week with the C & G curriculum.

Course content (unless personal requests prevail)

  • Use of workshop tools.
  • Essential repairs and maintenance
  • Assembly and adjustments of gears, brakes and sundry parts
  • Preparation of frame for fitting headset, Bottom bracket, etc.
  • Complete renovation of cycle – hubs, gears, brakes, all threads, etc.
  • Wheel truing. N.B: If you would like to learn actual wheel building, we can fit it in but it may mean you not completing other tasks.