10 Day City and Guilds Course.

As of January 2011 there are now 3 levels of the C&G course with a whole new updated syllabus and assessments. Along with a few other centres, CycleWales played a key role in assisting City & Guilds to rewrite and update the new courses and bring them in line with current demands and technology within the cycle industry.

3902-08 Entry Level Cycle Mechanics

3902-18 Level 1 Cycle Mechanics

3902-28 Level 2 Cycle Mechanics

The C & G certificate is recognised worldwide and will be of a particular benefit to persons setting up their own business or seeking employment in the bicycle trade. If this is not your intention it will at least give you the confidence and ability to do all your own work and so save money. The cost of the course could well be returned very quickly by not having to pay others to do it for you.

Students will have the option of starting at any level depending on their current knowledge, there is no need to start at Enrty Level and work your way up if you feel confident to start at Level 1 or 2.

Entry Level

This course is aimed at the complete novice and will take 5 days to complete.
You will recieve training on the basics of the bicycle including wheels, tyres, brakes, gears, handlebars, stems, saddles and bike cleaning.

In order to pass Enrty Level you need to achieve 5 Credits from the following Modules (credits in bracket)

Mandatory Modules:
Remove and replace cycle wheels, tyres and tubes (1)
Remove and replace cycle brake blocks (1)
Lubricate and tension a single speed chain (1)
Remove and replace cycle saddles, seatpost and handlebars (1)
Clean and prepare a cycle for use (1)

Level 1

An intermediate course for those with some basic knowledge which will take 5 days to complete.
You will recieve training on the following: puncture repair, brake systems, gear systems, PDI checks, Hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

In order to pass Level 1 you need to achieve 6 credits from the mandatory modules plus you have the option of doing extra modules.

Mandatory Modules:
Repair a cycle puncture (1)
Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly (2)
Remove and replace a cycle gear assembly (2)
Carry out a systematic cycle check (1)

Level 2

A more advanced course aimed at those wishing to develop their skills and get into the cycle industry either as cycle mechanics or to open their own business.
This course takes 10 days to cover all modules and is run as two seperate 5 day courses giving candidates time to practice their skills between the two weeks.

In order to pass Level 2 you need to achieve 20 credits from the following modules.

Repair a cycle puncture (1)
Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly (2)
Carry out a systematic bike check (1)
Remove and replace a cycle gear system (2)
Remove and replace cycle hub bearings (loose and cartridge type) (2)
Remove and replace cycle bottom brackets and cranks (2)
Build a cycle wheel (3)
Prepare frames and forks for assembly (1)
Augment a cycle (2)
Change a cycle frame (2)
Service headset assemblies (2)

Level 2 Advanced

This course is a half way house between doing a level 2 and a level 3. It extends over 3 weeks (15 days) and includes hydraulics, advanced wheel building and electronic gear systems

 10 Day Basic

This is the C & G course but without certificate.

3 Day Wheel Building Course

This course commences on the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of the second week of the C & G course. We will teach you wheel building to a very high standard, and help you overcome the myths of wheelbuilding. We teach you from scratch, whether you be complete novice or with some skills in wheel building. We promise you will leave us with a superb feeling self-achievement. You will gain an experience of building an assortment of wheel sizes and spoking patterns, using both traditional and modern tools and jigs.

Course content

  • Construction of hubs, rims and spoke
  • Spoke length calculation using various software packages
  • Building on a variety of rims and hubs
  • Different building techniques – tangent and radial
  • Recognition of faults in wheel building.

Go home with a set of wheels you built yourself from as little as £95.

1 Day Hydraulic Brake Seminar

The day will aim to take away the myth and complexity associated with hydraulic brakes found on many mountain and hybrid bikes these days.

Course consists of

  • Introduction and background to principle of hydraulics
  • Brake lever servicing and re assembly
  • Caliper servicing, 2,4 and 6 pot
  • Hose assembly plain and braided
  • Bleeding system and inspecting for leaks
  • Frame preperation for mounting calipers
  • Discs, sizes, uses and mounting
  • Caliper mounting and final adjustments