Looking for a course in Cycle Maintenance? We’ve been running courses since 2003 and will have something to match your needs. From puncture repair to hydraulic brakes and suspension forks, we have courses covering every aspect of the modern bicycle.

Short Courses

1 to 5 day course are available to give you a basic understanding of puncture repairs, day to day checks up to a more in depth knowledge of all components on your bike. We are happy to tailor these courses to suit your needs as an individual or as a group. Courses are taught in a fully equiped workshop and are set to be at your pace. We want you to get as much as possible from your time on the course.

These courses usually run on the last full week of each month.

City & Guilds

Cyclewales have been offering Level 1 & 2 City & Guilds course for over 15years now and have been involved in re writting the qualification back in 2011. With several hundered students having now been through our centre we are proud of our training and assessment standards.

What is involved?

Level 1

An intermediate course for those with some basic knowledge which will take 5 days to complete.

You will receive training on the following: puncture repair, brake systems, gear systems, PDI checks, Hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

In order to pass Level 1 you need to achieve 6 credits from the mandatory modules plus you have the option of doing extra modules.

Mandatory Modules:

Repair a cycle puncture (1)

Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly (2)

Remove and Replace a cycle gear assembly (2)

Carry out a systematic cycle check (1)

Level 2

A more advanced course aimed at those wishing to develop their skills and get into the cycle industry either as cycle mechanics or to open their own business.

This course takes 10 days to cover all modules and is run as two separate 5 day courses giving candidates time to practice their skills between the two weeks.

In order to pass Level 2 you need to achieve 20 credits from the following modules.

Repair a cycle puncture (1)

Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly (2)

Carry out a systematic bike check (1)

Remove and replace a cycle gear system (2)

Remove and replace cycle hub bearings (loose and cartridge type) (2)

Remove and replace cycle bottom brackets and cranks (2)

Build a cycle wheel (3)

Prepare frames and forks for assembly (1)

Augment a cycle (2)

Change a cycle frame (2)

Service headset assemblies (2)

Level 2 Advanced

As level 2 but extends for a further 5 days and includes the following modules

Hydraulic Brakes

Specialist wheels / tyres

Electronic Gears

Internal Geared Hubs

VRQ Level 3

This is the highest level achievable in Cycle Mechanics and is awarded through the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI), the course runs over 20 days and we run them once a month for the first 4 weeks of each month.

What is involved?

Learners will develop their knowledge and skills of how to:

  • Carry out routine maintenance on a cycle
  • Identify and agree customer requirements
  • Build a cycle wheel
  • Maintain and repair cycle hydraulic disc brake systems
  • Maintain and repair cycle suspension systems
  • Maintain and repair cycle complex wheels
  • Identify and replace cycle advanced headsets and bearings
  • And refurbish cycle bottom brackets and cranks

Optional Modules:

  • Maintaining and repairing cycle complex internal hub systems
  • Cycle frame alignment and cycle frame geometrics
  • Diagnosing and rectifying cycle electronic gear change system faults
  • And electrically propelled cycle awareness

This Level 3 VRQ has a high level of technical content coupled together with advanced practical skills


On completion of this qualification the learner could progress onto higher level study or into employment


This qualification is assessed by practical tasks and written assignments

Course Prices

1 Day Course £140

3 Day Course £420

3 Day wheelbuilding £420

5 Day Course £645

Level 1 C&G £700

Level 2 C&G £1200 ( we offer flexible payment terms on this course of up to 12 monthly payments)

Level 2 Advanced  £1800 ( we offer flexible payment terms on this course of up to 12 monthly payments)

VRQ Level 3 £2400 ( we offer flexible payment terms on this course of up to 24 monthly payments)


Course Dates

2022 Course Dates

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
12 – 16 Sep19 – 23 Sep26 – 30 Sep3 – 7 Oct
24 – 28 Oct31 Oct – 4 Nov7 – 11 Nov14 – 18 Nov
28 Nov – 2 Dec5 – 9 Dec12 – 16 Dec19 – 23 Dec

2023 Course Dates

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
9th – 13th January16th – 20th January23rd – 27th January30th Jan – 3rd Feb
6th – 10th March13th – 17th March20th – 24th March27th – 31st March
29th May – 2nd June5th – 9th June12th – 16th June19th – 23rd June
31st July – 4th Aug7th – 11th Aug14th – 18th Aug21st – 25th Aug
4th – 8th Sept11th – 15th Sept18th – 22 Sept25th – 29th Sept
16th – 20th Oct23rd – 27th Oct30th Oct – 3rd Nov6th – 10th Nov

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